Octopus 🐙 Love

Colibri Fine Art

Video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/KiPExgzMw0c

OCTOPUS LOVE is about forgotten particles floating in the ocean as foreign objects amidst other sea creatures. The woman represented is not from this world. The elements that make life are trying to reconnect, but ocean currents make it almost near impossible to reach one another. A nearby floating octopus has compassion for the particles and wraps a few arms around her to give her life.

In doing so, he falls madly in love with her and his remaining arms begin to collect the floating particles, then sacrifices his central brain, being one of nine, and his major heart being one of three, to make this happen.  

The painting represents the moment when she is cold, blue and alone in the cruel ocean water and as the octopus begins to embrace, warm and gives her love, the colors begin to evolve and evokes life back to her beginning with her head and hands.  Indicating that love can be possible anywhere and can conquer all.


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