Thanks for visiting!  Colibri Fine Art serves three purposes.
  • Fine Art Sales
We are the exclusive sales group for Akjana's (Akzhana Abdaliyeva) original oil paintings. Her works hang on both commercial and private collections worldwide,  we are proud that Colibri Fine Art is her home for originals and giclées alike. This is also home to Ira Rodriguez' photography, who's architectural background provides a point of view to details we dont always pay attention to. To learn more about either Akjana or Ira, visit their websites respectively. (sites under construction, links soon to come)
  • Fine Art Digitizing
Coming soon,  a new service from Colibri Fine Art.  We digitize originals,  create giclées, and print our own work and we are extending that service to artists in need.  If you wish to be notified as to when we are ready to take on new orders, drop us a line at Sales@ColibriFineArt.com. 
  • Local Art Lessons
We are located in southern California's northern San Diego area. Should you, family members, group or company want art lessons specifically given by Akjana, reach out to Ira@ColibriFineArt.com for pricing and available schedule. 

Stay Informed!

Join our email listing and we will periodically notify you when new pieces or products become available. You will also be enrolled in our twice per year give away of an Akjana 24" Limited Edition Giclée. (Options limited to current availability)