First Post! Thanks for visiting! Here's what we do...

First Post! Thanks for visiting! Here's what we do...

February 04, 2020

Welcome everyone. New beginnings for a new year. This is our first post to introduce you to what we offer. First and foremost, this is home to Akjana's fine art of original oil and acrylic paintings that reside with private collectors world wide. Colibri Fine Art is home to her new works currently being sold. We will also soon produce giclées of those same works in the very near future.


To start the 2020 year off, we have four brand new works by Akjana. 

  • Bird Gamayun - an amazing colorful piece that is part of Akjana's animal series. The Gamayun, is all mythical and represents knowledge and wisdom.
  • Dancing Fish - Following in Akjana's animal series, Dancing Fish is a beautiful piece in Yin Yang style. 
  • Ocean Thoughts - An abstract pairing reminiscing ocean colors.
  • Valiant Mama - Part of Akjana's Women Series, Valiant Mama follows her original and popular Big Mama oil painting which is now is a private collection in California, Valiant Mama holds her own, being bold, courageous and heroic against the world's chaos.


This is also home to Ira Rodriguez' photography. Ira is also responsible for sales and marketing for Colibri Fine Art. Question's regarding his or Akjana's work may be directed to

Colibri Fine Art also provides digitizing of original art work that may be used for online media or giclée printing. Giclée printing is a service we will also be providing in the very near future and will be followed up with an updated post. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified for any updates on new works or services we add.

Last but not least, if your in southern California, and you or your company is interested in having art lessons given directly by Akjana, please reach us at for availability and pricing. 


We thank you for your patronage and look forward to working with you over the years with our services. 

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